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Utilize the power of the web and let all your associates work better together with delaPORTAL. It has everything you need to run your organization over the Internet. Using just your web browser on Windows, Apple or Linux you can share documents, schedule tasks and events, show presentations, conduct surveys and transfer secure email – all from the comfort of your desktop or notebook, securely and efficiently.

delaPORTAL makes everyone in your organization more productive no matter where they are: in the office, on the road, or in another country. You don't need to download any special software, and you don't need to maintain any hardware or software.

14 powerful and fully integrated business applications that

make sharing and collaboration easy and effective!

Document Management, Task/Project Management, WebMail, Polls (Surveys), Forums (Discussions), Announcements, Events Calendar, Contact Management, Presentations (Slide Shows), Newsletter, Instant Messenger, Bookmarks, Notes, Administration Tools

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